About Me

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio! This is a collection of work I did during my time at South Central College in Minnesota.

My name is Holly Young and I am a very design-centered person and have been utilizing different types of design for a long time.

After working as an offset printer for 6 years at Carlson Craft, a division of the Taylor Corporation, I developed a passion for graphics. Being a printer strengthened my layout and design skills as I observed the work that came through on a daily basis. I saw how basic design elements, like lines, shapes and color, create beauty in the materials I printed. However, I didn’t like being unable to design and create as a printer. I became financially able to go back to school for my Graphic Communications degree after the passing of my father. At school I was a finalist in a competition with classmates to design the school’s car. (Second place!) Created, and still own, my WordPress site. Used for my online portfolio of school and some freelance projects. Created the winning design for the closed-circuit TVs throughout school to advertise our art show. Demonstrated maturity and leadership by guiding fellow students when in need. I also became Adobe Certified Associate for Photoshop in 2012. It was at this time I learned I was a “Grapheme–color synesthete.” Which is someone who involuntarily visualizes a colored “aura” around letters. In my case, letters are just “assigned” a color. I believe this is significant, as colors and text seem to be my calling.

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