About Me

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio! This is a collection of work I did during my time at South Central College in Minnesota.

My name is Holly Young and I am a very design-centered person. I have been designing for a long time.

Interior design has been a life long hobby. While growing up, I arranged my bedroom furniture in as many ways as I could. Studying Lynette Jennings’ show on TLC was very helpful. I even took it upon myself to rearrange my parents’ entire house when I had the chance.

As the teen years began, I found fashion. Maybe that is where my excitement for color began. I love color. Bright tangerine, refreshing aquamarine, and an invigorating chartreuse, I love them all. Please don’t ask me to pick a favorite color!

After working as an offset printer for over 6 years for the Carlson Craft company, I developed a passion for graphics. As a printer, I was unable to design and create, which bothered me. Unfortunately, it was the passing of my father that gave me financial resources to go back to school for my Graphic Communications degree.

I am currently a Marketing Designer with a children’s educational publisher and it is my dream job!

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