Process of Bottled Beverage Ad

The bottled beverage ad was meant to give students experience in managing a product photo shoot. Starting with designing a logo and a slogan. We were given the option to create a new name or use the name Fruitive. While planning, my beverage evolved into OrganiFruit.

Fruit Thumbs 1Fruit Thumbs 2Final Fruit LogosFruit Thumbs 3

After the logo was finalized, we began designing the labels. I felt the top label might attract a younger demographic, and I wanted to keep it appealing to a broader audience. So I chose the smoother looking one.

Bottle Comp 2Bottle Comp 1

The next step, was planning for the photo-shoot and the layout of the Beverage Ad.

Beverage Ad Thumbnails

The shoot went smoothly, however, we were sharing our time with other classmates so we had to move quick.


After receiving the digital photos from the photographer, I realized the bottles were spaced too far apart and the pictures were tipped a little to the right. So I fixed that with Photoshop.


I made the caps silver, added water droplets, removed the numbers, moved some sand around and squeezed the bottles closer. There was also some extra light reflection that needed to be removed.


I’m very happy with how this project turned out!

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