Children’s Educational Publishing Photo Research

In 2016, I was lucky enough to get a position as a photo researcher for a small local publisher called Amicus Publishing. Their demographic spanned preschool to middle school, and were largely non-fiction. I was given a manuscript and a budget for each book. Stock vendors were a common source, but if that didn’t have exactly what we wanted it was my responsibility to find a person/organization/photographer that possessed the perfect image. Some fun people I got to work with are:

Dwight Kuhn

Gabriel BarathieuUnderwater Photographer of the year, 2017

Tam O’Shaughnessy – Life partner of Sally Ride

Nicole Franco

Zachary Geroux

Leslie Potter

Craig Rigsbee, head coach of the Butte Roadrunners – Aaron Rogers’ junior college coach

Cooperstown Dreams Park – one of Bryce Harper’s childhood baseball fields

Burton Snowboards

Amistad Research Center

Feng Lan


Below are some examples of my work for Amicus’ Social Media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and sometimes Instagram. Many times the books were reviewed and a pull quote was added to promote the books.

I was also lucky enough to get to do production work on catalogs. The template was established, but there were times when I was given the chance to improve certain areas in the catalogs to make them more fresh and readable. I placed all the book covers and spreads, as well as the text. It was also my responsibility to prepare the files for print and send to the printer.

The below catalog is just a third of the Spring 2020 Paperback catalog. The other 2 main divisions, The Creative Company and Black Rabbit Books were joined together for the Paperback catalogs. Though I was not the only designer working on the parts of the catalog, it was my responsibility to get all files to the printer and work with them on changes, if needed. One new thing I did contribute to this catalog is the A/R gauge on the side of the title lists.

Spring 2020 Amicus Ink Paperback catalog