Children’s Educational Publishing Photo Research

In 2016, I was lucky enough to get a position as a photo researcher for a small local publisher. Their demographic spanned preschool to middle school, and were largely non-fiction. I was given a manuscript and a budget for each book. Stock vendors were a common source, but if that didn’t have exactly what we wanted it was my responsibility to find a person/organization/photographer that possessed the perfect image. Some fun people I got to work with are:

Dwight Kuhn

Gabriel BarathieuUnderwater Photographer of the year, 2017

Tam O’Shaughnessy – Life partner of Sally Ride

Nicole Franco

Zachary Geroux

Leslie Potter

Craig Rigsbee, head coach of the Butte Roadrunners – Aaron Rogers’ junior college coach

Cooperstown Dreams Park – one of Bryce Harper’s childhood baseball fields

Burton Snowboards

Amistad Research Center

Feng Lan